Reward Points


50 – Reward Points for signup

All registered users are entitled for reward points on every regular purchase. Reward points are automatically calculated and added to your rewards account, when you purchase online. Just register online and earn 50 reward points, and start earning more with every purchase.

₹1000 spend = 50 point earned

We have a fairly simple rewards system. You get rewarded 1 point for every Rupee spent.

1 points = ₹ 1

Redeeming reward points is even simpler. Choose to redeem you reward points on the checkout page. For every 1 reward points you get ₹ 1 off.

These reward points cannot be redeemed for cash. Spending them online on / is the only way to encash them.

Validity = 1 year

Points are valid for one year from the date of purchase and a member can redeem the points at any time before the expiry period of one year. Points once expired cannot be used for purchase of merchandise and will be deducted from your reward wallet.